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Divorce Mediation

In most circumstances, a contested divorce will not be scheduled for trial in Nashville or Franklin until the parties have gone through mediation.  This process uses a neutral mediator (i.e., someone other than your attorneys) that is trained in resolving conflicts and can assist the parties in reaching a compromise on any outstanding issues (such as child custody, child support or alimony).  The mediator does not act as a judge – neither party can win or lose.  The mediation process simply provides a privileged setting where the parties can freely negotiate those issues with the guidance of a third party.  You and your attorney are focused on your desires, so it can sometimes be helpful to have an unbiased opinion as to the likely result of going to trial.  A successful mediation can help you achieve your goals without the expense, drama and delay of further litigation.

If you have any questions regarding mediation, please feel free to call the number listed above, send an email, or use the contact page.
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