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Legal Separation

Legal separation allows a married couple to live “separate” lives while remaining within the bonds of their marriage.  The process of obtaining a legal separation is essentially the same as that of a divorce.  The parties have to go through the same process to establish grounds, resolve issues regarding the control and enjoyment of the parties’ assets, divide responsibility for the parties’ debts and ongoing expenses, and establish custodial arrangements and support for their minor children.

While I am more than happy to assist anyone with such an action, in my experience, legal separation is a solution that rarely provides an unsatisfied spouse with the relief that they are seeking.  Typically, a legal separation holds two unhappy people in a personal and legal limbo where they suffer many of the hardships of being divorced but don’t get to enjoy the freedoms that a full and final resolution would provide.

Make no mistake.  There are certain individuals for whom legal separation is preferable to divorce (often because of health concerns or personal religious beliefs).  If you believe that you may be one of these persons – or if an action for legal separation has been filed against you – please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your options.  You can reach me at the phone number listed above, by email, or by using the contact form.
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